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4 essential steps towards your retirement plan [Quick Guide]

4 essential steps towards your retirement plan [Quick Guide]

The retirement plan is a basic step in everyone's life planning process. It is a responsible and longterm strategy to keep your savings. Because only if you have a steady look upon your financial situation you will be able to enjoy your retirement. We give you some hints how you can plan your retirement and what's essentially important for your personal goal to live a great retirement. Table of Content [Fade out] 1 Create a timely retirement plan that sticks to clear frame2 Define your financial budget goal3 Evaluate your own risk tolerance and your investment goals4 Find your perfect balance5 Mind the very important role of inflation 6 Conclusion - What you should keep in mind 1 Create a timely retirement plan that sticks to a clear frame If you want your retirement plan to work out it is essential to know how much time you have. Consider yourself aged 50. You will have 15 years for your investment. Maybe you will have to…

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9 best places to live in the US [2020/2021]
best places to live in the us

9 best places to live in the US [2020/2021]

Many people want to retire in a place where they can really enjoy their retirement. But it doesn't seem so easy. There are many things that you have to think about before you finally decide to build your happy place and actually find the right city. But there are quiet many places to live in the US, that are worth your attention. We chose a TOP 10 List that contain some Hotspots also for retired people. Calm and cultivated cities with not to many citizens.... In oder to find a great place for your individual retirement you can have a look at our TOP 10 Places in the US. For the past seven years, has released a data-driven list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America. We picked up the most interesting examples and gathered some extra information for you. The places should be especially welcome for elderly people. So we also looked for good climate, good places, low living costs…

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Top 10: Best states to retire 2020 [Quick Guide]

Top 10: Best states to retire 2020 [Quick Guide]

The best states to retire have to fulfil certain criteria in order to be worth living or spending holidays there. In our Top 10 list we present some states that have certain advantages that other states simply do not have. Most of the states in our portfolio represent better living conditions and a much healthier living standard. All states are really more suitable for pensioneers because they are simply much calmer and present more nature spots than other states. The best states to retire have greater qualities for elderly and make life much more comfortable. The following list is based on a ranking which was created with certain measures. It is not said that some states might also climb a top 10 ranking in another ranking. But in this list the focus was held mostly on some basic measures. #10 of our best states to retire ranking: North Dakota North Dakota is really fun. Although there are no beaches in North Dakota there are…

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Useful loans calculator for your retirement
Free loans calculator

Useful loans calculator for your retirement

Lots of people have big expectation especially in their retirement ages. Although they could save a lot of money, sometimes it is even more interesting to take a credit than spending the whole savings at one time. The following results are clear. At the moment it is quiet comfortable to take a credit. During my working life I was able to save up a few dollars. At the moment I can easily afford a credit. But before I actually take it, I want to make sure if it is worth taking. Therefore I use a nice and easy loans calculator.... The loans calculator interest rate result will be really important to make sure my money will work and not against me... Nevertheless you have to find a financial service that will give you a personal loan. But do not worry. There are several loans especially for retirees. The advantage of using loans is clear. I do not have to spend all my money at…

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Find a dreamlike place with blue lagoons

One of the most beautiful places to retire is sometimes not so far away. But in this article we want to take you to a place abroad. Our destination? Maybe one of the most exotic places to travel while in retirement:The maledives. This place is so amazing that only a few people get the chance to stay there for a longer time. But even while being just on vacation it is worth thinking about travelling there. The magnificent island group is a special place worth talking about. It is not that well known but the maldives are an islamic island state in the indian ocean. The capital city Male gathers round about 150.000 inhabitants and was the only city on the maldives till in 2011 Addu City was accepted by the government as well. Although many tourists travel to the Maldives, there  are still plans to open further resorts. 20 new resorts are planned in the next years to manage the huge tourist cloud. But…

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Where can you find a peaceful place for retirement?

We have just taken a closer look on this topic and found some interesting facts and data for you. What do you think? Where can you spend your time while you are retired?   More and more pensioners are seeking solutions driven by these questions and of course most of the oldstars simply have the normal idea to stay at home in a safe environment. But another interesting fact is that lots of pensioners also wanna spend lots of time during their holidays abroad. In addition, many older peopleare still dreaming of a new home in a foreign country. Maybe sometimes looking maybe for better facilitations, better living standards and more interaction with their peer group. So where can you travel to find your best places to retire?   And what kind of places do elderly people tend to travel to? Well, if you look at the map we have got data that proofs the number of people from Germany for instance who live abroad…

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