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We look out for great places with great living standards for people who have retired or just plan to retire. Besides the fact that climate and culture influence your way of life we want to look for you on different standards that will assure that your retirement plans will run out as good as they possibly can. We do not only focus on statistics that involve living costs but also use very important soft metrics that show how your town or city provides medical treatment as well as spa relaxing and much more. We also look upon inclusion which is very important especially in older ages so that your evening of life can be the best you ever dreamt of.

We also plan chapters about special retirement problems concerning connection to family and friends. E.g. how to engage and possibilities to engage in sports clubs and much more.

Retirment in the U.S.

More and more people enter their phase of retirement every year across the united states round about 15.25% of the hole population of all Americans have retired and spending their rest of life as good as they possibly can. With our information, we want to help elderly people to lead a comfortable and sometimes even more luxurious way of living.  We provide information that will help you to find your special place if you have not found it yet. The results are not only valuable in terms of costs and prize but also of health and cultural standards and chances of engagement in voluntary tasks.

In addition, we want to provide topics of elderly. This includes how we interpret places as topics that people challenge in older ages while they retire. We want to provide a place of communication where we hope people can also exchange their experiences and tackle “mature” people’s problems. As a simple solution, we hope that many people will share their best places in our forum which will be available in Summer 2017.

Best places to retire survey

We also want to complete a survey that provides a clear check of what people expect from their retirement.  We want to define in how far younger people have the same picture of retirement as older people. What is important in your daily retirement life? How can you keep in touch with modern means of communication? How can you meet your pear group in your municipality? These questions will be answered as well as a clear view of a the best and most interesting places to live during retirement.

Best places of your country

We are not just looking on the united states, we want to provide a top 10 List of several countries around the world. So people who are independent can find a broader view of great places and discover lots of alternatives. These places can be all around the world even in Australia. Finally we try to provide a high quality by using research channels that go deeper in analytical data – far beyond simple holiday reports.

We hope we can soon deliver a first impression of our just started project and that we hope you enjoy our information.


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