4 essential steps towards your retirement plan [Quick Guide]

4 essential steps towards your retirement plan [Quick Guide]

The retirement plan is a basic step in everyone's life planning process. It is a responsible and longterm strategy to keep your savings. Because only if you have a steady look upon your financial situation you will be able to enjoy your retirement. We give you some hints how you can plan your retirement and what's essentially important for your personal goal to live a great retirement. Table of Content [Fade out] 1 Create a timely retirement plan that sticks to clear frame2 Define your financial budget goal3 Evaluate your own risk tolerance and your investment goals4 Find your perfect balance5 Mind the very important role of inflation 6 Conclusion - What you should keep in mind 1 Create a timely retirement plan that sticks to a clear frame If you want your retirement plan to work out it is essential to know how much time you have. Consider yourself aged 50. You will have 15 years for your investment. Maybe you will have to…

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How to retire early – A great idea to make money before your late retirement [The 7-point-guide]

How to retire early – A great idea to make money before your late retirement [The 7-point-guide]

It is a good question how you can retire early without working all your life. And if you want to retire early because you do not have to work anymore it will mean you can lead a life that is not determined by certain outside effects. You will not have to suffer from stressful situation or bad working conditions. You can live more independent and it sounds almost like a dream. Doesn't it? And is it possible to retire when you are around 50 or 55? Many people might not reach this goals because there is simply no chance. We created a simple step-by-step-guide that shows how you can find a way towards your personal independence. Gaining more money is complicated. Especially in a time where you cannot realise a high salary the thought of an early retirement might be really a bit dreamy. But the fact is that only a few people start to think about a way to make it. Our article shows…

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Find a dreamlike place with blue lagoons

One of the most beautiful places to retire is sometimes not so far away. But in this article we want to take you to a place abroad. Our destination? Maybe one of the most exotic places to travel while in retirement:The maledives. This place is so amazing that only a few people get the chance to stay there for a longer time. But even while being just on vacation it is worth thinking about travelling there. The magnificent island group is a special place worth talking about. It is not that well known but the maldives are an islamic island state in the indian ocean. The capital city Male gathers round about 150.000 inhabitants and was the only city on the maldives till in 2011 Addu City was accepted by the government as well. Although many tourists travel to the Maldives, there  are still plans to open further resorts. 20 new resorts are planned in the next years to manage the huge tourist cloud. But…

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A calm place for calm people

Switzerland is our number one for this month. In our small article we are going to take you to the best places and give you some reasons why especially retirement but also a little vacation might be the right way to share a fantastic time abroad. And maybe you can find some friends who will really make you feel at home although you are so far away. So where are you going to start? One of the best places to retire abroad might be Switzerland.  Especially Zurich is a modern and wealthy city that offers also quiet and calm places so that the enviroment might be perfect for pensioneers. The great lake that is just next to the city and the great mountains create a magnificient landscape. The weather is comfortable in the summer and temperatures tend not to get to cold in winters as well. Zurich is modern and combines lifestyle and tradion in really smooth way. The friut and vegetable markets the…

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Where can you find a peaceful place for retirement?

We have just taken a closer look on this topic and found some interesting facts and data for you. What do you think? Where can you spend your time while you are retired?   More and more pensioners are seeking solutions driven by these questions and of course most of the oldstars simply have the normal idea to stay at home in a safe environment. But another interesting fact is that lots of pensioners also wanna spend lots of time during their holidays abroad. In addition, many older peopleare still dreaming of a new home in a foreign country. Maybe sometimes looking maybe for better facilitations, better living standards and more interaction with their peer group. So where can you travel to find your best places to retire?   And what kind of places do elderly people tend to travel to? Well, if you look at the map we have got data that proofs the number of people from Germany for instance who live abroad…

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Welcome on best retirement places

We look out for great places with great living standards for people who have retired or just plan to retire. Besides the fact that climate and culture influence your way of life we want to look for you on different standards that will assure that your retirement plans will run out as good as they possibly can. We do not only focus on statistics that involve living costs but also use very important soft metrics that show how your town or city provides medical treatment as well as spa relaxing and much more. We also look upon inclusion which is very important especially in older ages so that your evening of life can be the best you ever dreamt of.

We also plan chapters about special retirement problems concerning connection to family and friends. E.g. how to engage and possibilities to engage in sports clubs and much more.


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Hello world

This is our new website blog "Best retire places". This will be your home for your retirement plans. And hopefully we can provide you some really interesting facts about the best Places for retirement. Whatever or whenever you want to do some research about your retirement feel free to visit our homepage. We are happy to provide you with useful and interesting information that will make your retirement easier and might help you to make your dream come  true. Have a good time and thanks for visiting our page www.best-retire-places.com. Read our first articles on this topic: The Maldives Switzerland - a calm place for calm people Where can you find the best place for retirement?   0 Links

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