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Welcome to the sunshine state

Everyone knows one of the best places in summer. Florida! It remains the sunshine state. The climate in the summer month’s makes Florida an amazing destination for your holidays. In our article we are going to present you some facts about some best places to retire in Floria. So where should you travel? We can guide you to some places that might be interesting. If the places might be one of the best places to retire depends on your own point of you. Just take a closer look and maybe we can find some of the best places to retire in Florida…

One of the best places to retire in Florida

Although many people know Florida only a few know that the capital of Florida is Tallahassee. The city in the northern part has only round about 180.000 inhabitants and the city is not that often tackled by hurricans. For retirees who are looking for one of the best places to retire in florida Tallahasse might be interesting. The climate is great – there a lots of sunny days and the city is not that big. 


The central spot in the southeast of Florida is of course Miami. Although the city suffers from regular hurricans between August and September the city has magnificient beaches. The white sands of Mimia Beach and South Beach, the Ocean Drive are most famous and well known.  The climate is great throughout the year despite the mentioned hurricans that occur most likely between August and Septmber. And do not panic. There are really family friendly ressorts that are not much filled with action and beach sport activities. South Beach is familiy friendly as well as the southern parts of Key Biscaine.

South Beach

South Beach is a city which offers one the most stunning beaches in Florida. South Beach. The city`s attraction are the artdeco style buildings. 


One of the bes places to retire in Florida can be Inverness. The city is county seat as well and is located on the western side of the peninsula. The great advantage to Miami is that the city is much smaller and especially older people will find quite spaces to spend their spare time. Although Inverness is not a typical tourist attraction it might be really pleasant for a longer vacation.It is not worth mentioning that as well as in Miami most of Florida’s city offer tremendous beaches.  


Venice might be interesting as well. It is not only a bit bigger than Inverness – 20.000 Inhabitants, but has to offer some interesting events as well. One of them is the Shark’s Tooth Festival. It takes place to present fossil Shark tooths. That’s also the reason why venice is called “Shark’s Tooth Capital of The World”.  


Orlando is of course well known to every one. One of the best places to retire in Florida might be Orlando as well. It is home of Disney Land and offers a mass of activities for children and grandchildren. Orlando is futhermore the most visited city in the USA. More than 62 Mio. visitors come to Orlando every year. If you are still active you should definitely come to Florida. It is a city that really can become one of the best places to retire in Florida.

best places to retire in florida

Although Disney Land appears in most of the children’s dreams, Orlando might also an interesting place for retirees as well.


There are definitly a lot of places that might be interesting for a longer vacation. Because of the changing climate it might not be an ideal place for the whole year. But if you can possibly stay in Florida for a few months in the year it might become your second home and maybe one of the best places to retire in Florida.. 

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