Top 10: Best states to retire

The best states to retire have to fulfil certain criteria in order to be worth living or spending holidays there. In our Top 10 list we present some states that have certain advantages that other states simply do not have. Most of the states in our portfolio represent better living conditions and a much healthier living standard. All states are really more suitable for pensioneers because they are simply much

8 ways how you can find help in a bad financial situation

Sometimes you cannot reach your best place for retirement without lending some money. Of course, when you are young it is very hard to get a loan form your bank institute. Especially loans with bad credit are hard to find. In most cases the insecurities are too high and the willingness of banks to refinance youth and bad credit loan without any collateral are rare and in any case really expensive.

Free loans calculator

Useful loans calculator for your retirement

Lots of people have big expectation especially in their retirement ages. Although they could save a lot of money, sometimes it is even more interesting to take a credit than spending the whole savings at one time. The following results are clear. At the moment it is quiet comfortable to take a credit. During my working life I was able to save up a few dollars. At the moment I

Where can you find a peaceful place for retirement?

We have just taken a closer look on this topic and found some interesting facts and data for you. What do you think? Where can you spend your time while you are retired?   More and more pensioners are seeking solutions driven by these questions and of course most of the oldstars simply have the normal idea to stay at home in a safe environment. But another interesting fact is that

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