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Switzerland is our number one for this month. In our small article we are going to take you to the best places and give you some reasons why especially retirement but also a little vacation might be the right way to share a fantastic time abroad. And maybe you can find some friends who are also ready to enjoy some more realxed days. So where are we going to start?

One of the best places to retire abroad might be Switzerland.  Especially Zurich is a modern and wealthy city that offers also quiet and calm places so that the enviroment might be perfect for pensioneers. The great lake that is just next to the city and the great mountains create a magnificient landscape.

The weather is comfortable in the summer and temperatures tend not to get to cold in winters as well.

Zurich is modern and combines lifestyle and tradion in really smooth way. The friut and vegetable markets the local traditional music and the inhabitants will make you feel at home from the first day on. If you want to get to know the place a little bit better you shoud definitly take a closer at the  tourist guide:

The city is worth a visit and maybe you might find a possibilty to stay for longer time. Another great source of information gives you the following webpage:

Here you can find great winter trails for skiing and accomodations that will suite you right.  You will get to know a country of great comfort and high quality. Not only the athmosphere but also the culture will make you feel free to enjoy your favourite winter place.And if you are interested in football you can take your chance to visit the world football museum. One of the most famous places to look at footbal history and the developement of the fifa in the last decades. Whatever and whereever you decide to go.Switzerland might be a great choice to find special people and a great way to enjoy retirement in the centre of europe.

Switzerland defintely belongs to the best places to retire abroad.


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