Top 10: Best states to retire

The best states to retire have to fulfil certain criteria in order to be worth living or spending holidays there. In our Top 10 list we present some states that have certain advantages that other states simply do not have.

Most of the states in our portfolio represent better living conditions and a much healthier living standard.

All states are really more suitable for pensioneers because they are simply much calmer and present more nature spots than other states. The best states to retire have greater qualities for elderly and make life much more comfortable. The following list is based on a ranking which was created with certain measures. It is not said that some states might also climb a top 10 ranking in another ranking. But in this list the focus was held mostly on some basic measures.

#10 North Dakota

North Dakota is really fun. Although there are no beaches in North Dakota there are some spots that make this state so attractive. The bustling city of Bismarck sits on the Missouri River and offers great fishing, watersports and a vibrant arts scene downtown. The city of Fargo has museums, galleries and shopping to keep you engaged. North Dakota offers good living conditions although retirement income is taxed, but income taxes all in all are low. So this place is a realistic place to spend some time of your life….

#9 of our best states to retire ranking: Colorado

A state almost made for retirees is Colorado. There are lots of mountains to go climbing and walking. There are many beweries as well and Colorado offers priceless small town charm. The tranquility is ideal in the older ages and the combination of intense nature and smooth, small towns make this state really suitable for pensioneers. The main cities of Boulder and Denver are expensive as well as the smaller cities are way more affordable for smaller budgets.

Straße, Roten Felsen, Felsformationen, Sonnenuntergang

#8 Iowa

Great states to retire

Iowa is home of pure nature. A countryside made of hills, rivers and woodlands and lakes builds the heat of this also ideal state for retirement. The advantage of Iowa is made up by low taxes and a living condition rate which is far below US average. Especially people who want to keep their retirement as cheap as possible Iowa might be an ideal alternative.

#7 Wyoming

Another hidden champion for spending retirement might be Wyoming. The state’s beauty is remarkable. The Yellowstone National Park presents lots of natural highlights. Some other reasons for Wyoming might be reasonable taxes and a really low crime rate.

#6 Idaho

What Idaho makes it #6 of our ranking is mostly the fact that Idaho is the forth safest state. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment averages $600 a month. Furthermore the state is interesting for retirees because the retiree health care is cheaper than average. But also lovely place like the Idaho Falls make this state unique.

#5 Virginia

What makes the state of Virginia so interesting? A lot of things and the high frequence of festivals. The state gives away festivals and much more. The places are really calm and many retirees might like the benefits of Virginia a lot.

#4 Utah

Doppelschleife, Grand Canyon

It is really important to mention that property and sales taxes are fairly low in Utah. But there are so many advantages that make people feel more comfortable. And it is not worth mentioning that Utah belongs to one of the most unique settings in the US.

#3 New Hampshire

The reasons for this ranking position are low taxes, great health care, gorgeous natural surroundings, peace and quiet, and plenty of ways to get the most out of life. Although it is as simple as this. Many people are really crazy about living in New Hampshire. Especially if you like the seafood and the New England Side of America you will love it hear.

#2 : Florida

Florida is definitly a great place to retire. Besides Orlando most of the cities in Florida are not that big. The calm live and the great ocean activities make Florida really attractive for people who are into sea life. The healthy weather throughout the year is only interrupted by some stormy month between August and September. But people who live in Florida are already aware of this weather instabilities and live with it. Some parts of Florida are also described in our other title here.

#1 South Dakota:

South Dakota presents some of the best hunting, fishing, hiking and camping around. The small-town life is relaxed and perfect for retirees looking to settle somewhere quiet but active. The many activities keep older people in shape and prevent boring daily routines. The Mount Rushmore is of course also unforgetable.

best states to retire

And finally lets present the Top 10:

  • #1 South Dakota
  • #2 Florida
  • #3 New Hampshire
  • #4 Utah
  • #5 Virginia
  • #6 Idaho
  • #7 Wyoming
  • #8 Iowa
  • #9 Colorado
  • #10 North Dakota

Thats it, so have fun choosing your best state and place to retire….

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