how to retire early

How to retire early with a very simple 7-point-guide

It is a good question how you can retire early without working all the time in your life. And if you could it might lead you towards a life that is not determined by certain outside effects. You wwould not have to suffer from any kind of stressful situations or bad working conditions any more.

And isn’t it possible to retire before you are around 50 or 55? Many people might not reach this goal because there is simply no chance to become financially independent while you are still young. Therefore, we created a simple step-by-step-guide that shows how you can find a way towards your personal independence quicker than the average.

How to retire early

Gaining more money is complicated. Especially in a time where you cannot realise a high salary the thought of an early retirement might be really a bit dreamy. But the fact is that only a few people start to think about a way to make it.

Our article shows some predispositions that can be desperately helpful to survive not only in a hard competition but also to stand out in a variety of schemes of life. If your are not craving for an early retirement you will never make it there. So here are some hints to get there.

How to retire early

1. Make your plan – Design your future

In order to retire early you have to design a plan that runs in the end. Only a pure and simple idea to retire early will not make your dream come true. Early retirement has to be planned with high diligence. Only if you reach finacial independence your plan of an early retirement will be fulfilled.

2. Try to live a moderate or even low living-standard

Living below means is not easy. But it will create standards that can serve as buffers. Your goal to create longterm wealth is something that can be reached only under special circumstances. Therefore it is really substancial and neccessary to spend less money. Focus on your biggest expences and try to increase your saving rates. After a few years you will see the difference.

3. Leverage your income

Taking up a side hustle is really time intense. You will see how many hours you will invest without 1 $ Payoff. But also financial advisors encourage people to build up side hustles. Because in the long run only the increase of income streams will lead to financial independence. The more you manage to cover your own expenses with side hustles, the faster you will actually reach financial independence.

4. Start to invest early

The earlier you start to invest your money on a regular basis the more you can profit from extra income streams. It is important to realise that investment will be really game changing. If you invest some money you can be sure to make a low regular percentage of extra money. This definitely pay off. But do not forget to save a part of the money. Every investment is always connected with a certain risk. Do not put all your savings in one account.

5. Start to research your health insurance options

Health insurance is importance. But there are different possibilities. You will have to leave your employers health insurance, if you want ot retire early. So the Affordable Care Act Marketplace might be good oportunity to ensure that you will find some goodfit coverage options.

6. Create your own backup plan

how to retire early

Try to create another savings plan and backup plan. Make sure what you can do when some things go wrong. Maybe you will find out that you do not like the idea of retiring early. How can you return in normal job position. This Plan B can be quiet useful if some problems occur. This backup plan will help you to find a new alternative and start again.

7. Enjoy life every day

how to retire early
how to retire early

Living your live every day is imporant, too. Don not forget to celebrate the moment if something works out. It is hard to invest lots of time and discipline. But do not forget that you will take the whole benefit.

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