Here are 10 very popular podcasts for seniors

While podcast preferences can vary among individuals, here are some popular podcasts for seniors that cater to older adults and cover topics of particular interest to them. Maybe you will also listen to one of these following podcasts in the next weeks…

1. The Allusionist: This podcast explores the English language, its origins, and how it evolves. It’s informative, entertaining, and appeals to those interested in linguistics and language history.

2. Stuff You Should Know: This podcast delves into a wide range of topics, providing interesting and informative discussions on various subjects. It covers diverse subjects that can appeal to listeners of different age groups.

3. Radiolab: Radiolab is a highly acclaimed podcast that explores scientific and philosophical ideas through storytelling and interviews. It covers a broad range of topics, including nature, technology, and the human experience.

4. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!: A humorous news quiz show that entertains listeners by testing their knowledge of current events with a comedic twist. It’s a lighthearted and engaging podcast that can appeal to people of all ages.

5. TED Radio Hour: This podcast features thought-provoking TED Talks on a variety of subjects, with each episode centered around a particular theme. It covers topics ranging from science and technology to personal growth and well-being.

6. The Moth: The Moth presents real people sharing personal stories on stage, often with a touch of humor or poignancy. These heartfelt and engaging stories can resonate with listeners of all ages.

7. Senior Matters Radio: This podcast explores various topics related to aging, senior living, healthcare, and lifestyle. It provides practical information and insights specifically geared towards the elderly and their caregivers.

8. Retirement Answer Man: Hosted by a financial advisor, this podcast offers guidance and advice on retirement planning, investments, and financial considerations for those nearing retirement or already retired.

9. AARP’s The Perfect Scam: A podcast that exposes common scams and fraud targeting older adults and provides tips for prevention. It helps seniors stay informed and protected against scams in the digital age.

10. On Being with Krista Tippett: This podcast explores the big questions of meaning, purpose, and how we live together. It features in-depth interviews with thinkers, scientists, artists, and spiritual leaders, offering diverse perspectives on topics of existential and philosophical interest.

podcast for seniors

Podcasts for seniors with dementia

Additional you might want to find special podcasts for seniors with dementia. Here is also a list that might be helpful

Podcasts can provide entertainment, engagement, and cognitive stimulation for seniors with dementia. While individual preferences may vary, here are some podcast suggestions that are suitable for seniors with dementia:

1. “The Moth”: This podcast features real people telling their own stories, which can be emotionally engaging and serve as a reminiscence activity for individuals with dementia.

2. “The Sunday Edition” from CBC Radio: This podcast covers a range of topics, including arts, culture, and current events, which can stimulate conversation and cognitive engagement.

3. “The Memory Palace”: This podcast tells historical stories in a narrative format, making it accessible and engaging for individuals with dementia who may have a greater affinity for long-term memories.

4. “Older Adults Technology Services (OATS)”: This podcast focuses on technology topics specifically geared towards older adults. It can provide useful information and tips on using technology, such as smartphones and tablets, which can be enjoyable and challenging for individuals with dementia to explore.

5. “Classic Tales”: This podcast features classic stories and literature, which can evoke nostalgia and prompt reminiscing among seniors with dementia.

6. “Caregiver Smile Summit”: This podcast provides information and support for family caregivers, including those caring for individuals with dementia. It covers various caregiving topics, offering practical advice and valuable insights.

7. “The Happier Podcast”: This podcast, hosted by Gretchen Rubin, explores happiness and habits. It offers tips and strategies for maintaining well-being, which can be beneficial for individuals with dementia and their caregivers. When choosing podcasts for seniors with dementia, consider their individual interests, cognitive abilities, and preferences. Look for podcasts with clear and concise narratives, familiar or nostalgic content, and a calm and soothing tone. It’s also helpful to play the podcasts in a quiet and comfortable environment where the senior can focus and enjoy the content without distractions. Note: Caregivers and family members should always assess the appropriateness of specific podcasts for individuals with dementia and monitor the impact on their loved one’s emotional well-being. Adjustments may be necessary depending on the stage and progression of dementia.

And finallly: Some funny podcasts for seniors that will cheer you up in times of trouble

These are just a few examples of popular podcasts that may appeal to older adults. It’s always a good idea to explore different genres and topics of personal interest to find podcasts that align with individual preferences.

Introducing humor into the lives of seniors can bring joy and lightheartedness. Here are some funny podcasts that may appeal to seniors:

  1. The Big Show Show” by The Big Show: This podcast features conversations and comedic banter from the professional wrestler and entertainer, The Big Show. It includes humorous stories, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and interviews with special guests.
  2. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend”: Conan O’Brien, the renowned late-night talk show host, chats with celebrity guests in a comedic and lighthearted manner. The conversations often include funny anecdotes, personal stories, and witty banter.
  3. “The Hilarious World of Depression”: Though the topic revolves around mental health, this podcast features candid and humorous conversations with comedians who have dealt with depression. It combines humor with meaningful discussions to explore the lighter side of a serious subject.
  4. “No Such Thing as a Fish”: This podcast, presented by the QI offices, features the “QI Elves” sharing interesting and surprising facts in a funny and engaging way. It offers a mix of humor, trivia, and intriguing tidbits from around the world.
  5. “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”: This NPR news quiz show combines current events, humor, and panel discussions. Hosted by Peter Sagal, it features a panel of comedians, journalists, and celebrities answering questions and engaging in witty banter about the week’s news.
  6. “The Dollop”: This podcast presents comedic retellings of bizarre and often forgotten stories from history. Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds provide humorous commentary and insights as they discuss peculiar events and characters.
  7. “The Comedy Cellar: Live from the Table”: This podcast streams live conversations and comedic discussions from the iconic Comedy Cellar in New York City. It features a rotating panel of comedians, providing spontaneous and humorous interactions.

Remember, individual senses of humor can vary, so it’s essential to consider personal preferences and sensitivities when selecting podcasts for seniors. Enjoying funny podcasts together can be a great way to share laughter and create enjoyable moments.


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